Public Transport Modernization: A Milestone Achievement in Partnership with Deva City Hall

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to modernize public transportation infrastructure in Deva. Through a collaborative partnership with Deva City Hall, we are thrilled to unveil the completion of our project aimed at enhancing the city’s public transit network. This project has spanned approximately 25 months.

Key Highlights of the Project:

  1. State-of-the-art Electric Depot: Our ambition drove us to construct a cutting-edge electric depot covering an expansive area of 3600 square meters. This fully equipped facility is tailored to support the seamless operation of our electric bus fleet, featuring advanced amenities and infrastructure essential for efficient maintenance and charging operations.
  2. Integrated Dispatch Center: This centralized hub will streamline communication and coordination, ensuring optimized scheduling and service delivery for commuters.
  3. Eco-friendly Bus Wash Facility: Complementing eco-conscious approach, we have constructed a spacious eco-friendly bus wash covering an area of 400 square meters. This facility utilizes innovative water-saving technologies and biodegradable cleaning agents to minimize environmental impact while maintaining fleet cleanliness.
  4. Water Purification and Recycling Station: As stewards of environmental conservation, the project integrated a water purification and recycling station into depot infrastructure.

The completion of this transformative project heralds a new era of public transportation in Deva, characterized by enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and resilience. The benefits to the community are manifold:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The modernized infrastructure enables streamlined transit operations, reducing wait times and providing commuters with a more reliable and enjoyable travel experience.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Transition to electric vehicles and eco-friendly infrastructure represents a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions and mitigating environmental impact. By embracing sustainable solutions, we are collectively contributing to a greener and healthier future for Deva and its residents.

We take great pride in our role as catalysts for positive change in Deva’s public transportation landscape and extend our heartfelt gratitude to Deva City Hall for their invaluable partnership and support throughout this journey. Together, we look forward to realizing a more sustainable and inclusive urban mobility ecosystem for generations to come.