Our experience in the Romania construction market led to the creation of a new department within the AXATC company, respectively the project management in constructions & value engineering. The consultancy in construction and logistics, the strategies execution and plans implementation are the basis of the successful projects completed over time.

AXATC specialists find the most effective and feasible solutions to carry out any project, regardless of its complexity.

The PMP accreditations and ensembles of constructions built for our partners are the proof that the project management service represents the key in building a successful business.

With a long expertise in marketing and strategy implementation, the AXATC team provides consultancy for:

  • Constructions
  • Construction design
  • Value Engineering
  • Technical support and project evaluation

Identifying deficiencies in the projects provided by our customers to streamline the investment, reduce costs, and also to implement civil and mechanical engineering modern solutions, represents this department main objective.

The stock revision from the best suppliers, optimizing the budget for the materials used in the conducted activity and also the avoidance of maintenance problems regarding electrical and sanitary installations represent just a small part of our specialists’ duties.

AXATC team’s extensive knowledge is now provided via project management in constructions & value engineering service, the guarantee of high standards buildings that exceed your expectations in terms of design and functionality.