The buildings functionality is a key issue in construction so AXATC has enriched its team with specialists in design and execution of electro-mechanical installations. The implementation of installation systems and their maintenance ensures the user’s comfort regardless of the type of designed building.

The consultancy offered by AXATC in designing and assembling electrical and mechanical installations guarantees the finding of the most efficient functional systems.

In the world of electrical installations, safety and proper use of the equipment are two major attributes so our engineers greet you with the best optimal solutions at hand.

From estimations and detailed designs to the effective implementation of installations, AXATC puts at your disposal a qualified staff, various equipment and assembly parts of the highest quality.

Engineers specialized in the design and execution of electromechanical installations prepare construction projects from A to Z, in accordance with the ISO certifications. Moreover, our company is licensed by ANRE (The National Energy Regulatory Agency) so the control of quality in the work performed is monitored by the supreme authority, competent in the field.

The prevention of technical malfunctions and analysis of the buildings’ functionality are the basis of successful projects, whether the workflow includes the construction of a residential building, office space, exhibition space or shopping center.

The qualified and eager to succeed staff performs internal or external electric installations, low, medium or high voltage, according to all ANRE regulations.

Choose the design and execution of electromechanical installations service provided by AXATC and you’ll bring the European quality in your personal project