These activities were seen as the main core of AXATC construction and logistics from the moment the company was formed. Given the experience of our specialists in civil engineering, the company offers complete design and execution of civil construction, roads and utility networks services to its clients.

The technical endowment with modern machineries (over 25 earthmoving machines and goods specialized means of transport), the technological base with various resources in Cornetu town (5004 sqm), associated with the superior training of our engineers, specialists and workers contributed to the successful completion of several design and execution projects (design & build), with a budget perfectly optimized for each customer’s needs.

Roads, bridges and the proper administration of public interest works lead to a better functioning of the Romanian businesses, regardless of the field. Hence, our carefully prepared team in the design and execution of civil constructions and roads seek to facilitate the access and transport of both types, rural and urban.

The specialized engineers take into account all STAS rules in force, always working closely with a qualified staff, according to the European standards.

Through the professional design and execution of civil construction, roads and utility networks service provided by AXATC, are chosen the most practical ways to meet the economic and social needs of clients located in Romania.

The collaborations with our partners and the experience accumulated over time led to lasting and useful projects that please any beneficiary.