Construction projects and general contracting projects and road building

October 13, 2015

The experience achieved in constructions and general contracting construction and roads have made AXATC the main specialist for successful business partners in Romania.

With construction projects in civil and office buildings,  the AXATC company has created some of the best-organized buildings, with ensembles designed by architects specialized in design. The company also established a series of structures and roads, developing infrastructure and urban and rural logistics to facilitate access.

From project design to the complete realization of the buildings, the team of experts and construction engineers founded the most successful buildings in the country, such as the Mega Image chain of stores or units of industrial buildings.

Because safety comes first, all these construction projects are made according to ISO and STAS standards, with a professional equipment and a qualified personnel.

Conceiving general contracting services or roads down to the smallest details, AXATC takes care of the functionality of these projects, also designing electrical and mechanical networks.

The main motivation to make residential and civil buildings, but also to redefine the roads, led to these construction projects:

The Mega Image shopping chain is one of the major projects, started in 2007 and active until now.

Mega Image is the first project in 2007 with parking paving (asphalting) and signage in shops like Brancoveanu, Pipera, Iancu Nicolae shop, Al. Obregia and Apusului shop.

Another project from the Mega Image chain started in 2009 until now, with a full construction service and general contracting for new buildings, like the shops in Progresului, Corbeanca store, Gemini Concept Store, Mega Image “Gusturi Romanesti”(2015), with 2 units in Moghioros and Mihalache.

Also the malls from Bucharest benefited from Mega Image stores – a high-end concept of selling food and beverages: Gourmet (Vitan Mall) and Health and Wellness (Piata Sudului Mall) and Baneasa Mall.

Other construction projects and electric and mechanical systems are those made at Adevarul Holding, Decathlon, Astra Investment and Insurance and other leading companies that complete AXATC’s portfolio.

On road design projects, the company made in ADP Sector 2 (2006 – 2007) an asphalt rehabilitation  at Podul Vadului Street, Podul corbului Street, Podul Neagului street, Serg. Nutu Ion street, design and execution of concrete roads and utilities (water and sanitation) at Topaz Quarter and Junior Quarter, for Impact SA (2007-2008) and others.

From shopping malls, selling centers, designing the stores and supermarkets, to asphalting parking lots, all these construction projects and general contractor in construction and roads are designed to satisfy our customers and business partners.