Colosseum Mall – A mega project in progress

October 17, 2019

We are delighted to present you one of the biggest projects from the North West of the Bucharest with a built area of 20.050 sqm  and other 30.000 sqm which represent roads and parking lots. Colloseum mall will have commercial space as well as offices. It will be home to local fashion brands but international ones as well, restaurants fast food and dining, a fitness complex and playgrounds for kids, casinos, bars and multiplex cinema.

Currently our team is working on the infrastructure of this mega project, suppliers and subcontractors of the highest class have already been involved in the project, and the quality of the works is made to the highest standards. At this stage, there are more than 100 workers daily, together with a team of about 15 TESA engineers, to which collaborators and designers are added.