About us

AXATC – Commitment • Trust • Perseverance • Teamwork • Achievement

The experience gained over the years in constructions and our organizational spirit defines SC AXA TRANS CONSTRUCT SRL as a true leader in the construction and logistic market in Romania. Since 2004, the company brought to fulfillment several projects including both types of compounds, residential and industrial, and also road infrastructure, everything in accordance with the European standards.

Starting from a small team with great plans and ideas, AXATC laid the basis of a company that stands for the future. A group of over 100 experts stays now at your disposal, being specialized in engineering, construction, design and project management. The qualified staff, always willing to achieve better results, is carefully prepared for any civil engineering project. With modern machinery and high standard equipment, AXATC turns your plans into reality, no matter if your project includes bridges, roads, office buildings, residential constructions or industrial sites.

Given the various specializations in construction, AXATC team offers services in:

  • General contractor in constructions
  • Rental construction equipment including bulldozers, excavators, vibratory compaction rollers
  • Earthmoving works (excavations, embankments) – vertical systematization
  • Land improvements – hydraulic projects
  • MEP installations


The constant cooperation between clients and our team of specialists leads to an ease of communication, each phase of the construction process steadily going according to the plan. Given the fact that our collaborators’ requirements are always our top priority, all the ideas are discussed with AXATC advised staff,  experts ready to offer the best solutions for an optimized budget.

From strategy and marketing plans to the effective achievement of the desired projects, AXATC gives life to all ideas, regardless of their difficulty degree. Therefore, every one of our clients gets complete services, starting with design and ending with quality finishes.

The AXATC company accreditations are highlighted both in terms of staff and professional equipment used in the conducted activity. The electrical systems and construction plans are designed to the smallest detail, all in accordance with the ISO quality standards and the legislation in force.

Being defined by reliability and professionalism, AXATC concrete results in the Romania construction market amounts to high standards. We pride ourselves with always satisfied partners, pleased with the outcome achieved.